Following the tragic events that took place in the various hospitals, we decided to tackle in the first place the problem of energy shedding. In addition, the provision of solutions in this area would allow the economic, health, environmental and social development of the country.

Aware of the complexity and the scope of the project, we decided to carry out this project step by step and to widen progressively our sector of action. We will therefore first make some first prototype in the city of Moroni before expanding on the region then an island and then the country. This method will also allow us to show our know-how in the accomplishment of complex projects but also to involve at the same time the various actors by sector of action (associations, inhabitants, workers, mayors, prefects, governors,...).

Our first project focuses on the Moroni Preventive and Maternal Protection Center, frequented by the inhabitants of the city of Moroni, located in Mboueni.


According to a study by the African Development Bank, conducted in 2013, only 60% of the population in Grande Comore (Ngazidja) has access to electricity. In the capital of Comoros, Moroni, the population benefits on average only 6 hours per day, due to insufficient supply.

Public hospitals are not spared from load shedding and to ensure the quality of care and not fail in their homework, a majority of hospitals are equipped with generators. For hospitals that do not have the budget to buy this valuable equipment or to operate the group, because these equipment are very expensive in gasoline, the wait can be long. This situation prevents hospitals from fulfilling these other missions for lack of financial resources.

After the El Maarouf National Hospital, the Moroni Preventive and Maternal Protection Center (PMI) is the most frequented by the Comorian population. In addition, the PMI has for several years, set as an objective, to strengthen their teams to relieve congestion at the national hospital. It is in order to allow this center to accomplish their missions, that the collective Moroni Nour started the project "Nour Hospitals". This project will allow these hospitals to no longer be electrically powered off and operate all day without interruption of care.

The cost of producing lot 1, including the feeding of priority services (maternity, ultrasound and laboratory) is € 45,000.

The cost of producing lot 2, including the supply of secondary services (dental, air conditioning, bedrooms) is € 36,000.

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