The association was born from a discussion between Moroni and Paris. A group of people from different backgrounds has been created with the idea of working together on a common goal: The association Moroni Nour.

Economic development of Moroni is hampered by the lack of modern energy: electricity and water. It also generates public healths problems.

Our goal is to respond to people's concerns from Moroni in Comoros. This city is also the capital of the Union of Comoros.

A team was formed to work on the development of projects aimed at finding solutions to the problems of electricity, public health, water and indirectly the economy of the city.

Initially, the group wants to achieve a design issue that will present a solution to supply electricity to two sites in the city.

The realization of this solution will enable the deployment later across the whole city.



It is organized in association of law 1901 nonprofit. The Collective was created in December 2015. The articles of association are deposited in the sub prefecture of Rainc

Find here the statutes.



President: Nizar ALI DAROUECHE ;

General Secretary : Mourad ALI TOIHIR ;

Treasurers : Shamss ELARIF & Moustoifa CHEIKH AHMED DAHALANI;

Responsibles for project : Aidat MOGNE & Housni ISSULAH ;

Representatives Comoros : Noura CHEIKH & Akram SAID MOHAMED.


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